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About Gloria Mayfield Banks

Gloria Mayfield Banks is a motivational success strategist, leadership coach, and sales trainer who is passionate about helping ordinary people create extraordinary lives. As a leadership and lifestyle expert, she is immensely passionate about motivating winners to actualize their full potential. With her empowering and inspirational teaching style, Gloria is best described as “Energy in Motion!” Her relentless drive and endless energy is a direct result of her active lifestyle and desire for personal growth. Gloria Mayfield Banks credits much of her success to eating healthy, working out, and having the opportunity to learn from people from all around the world.



Her boundless experiences abroad have given Gloria a unique perspective into the variety of lives, histories, and cultures that exist far and wide.


With such a demanding work schedule, a rigorous fitness regime and active lifestyle has become a form of meditation for Gloria.


Gloria Mayfield Banks has always loved to travel, and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to travel frequently for both business and pleasure. Her boundless experiences abroad have given Gloria a unique perspective into the variety of lives, histories, and cultures that exist far and wide. She embraces the opportunity to learn from these different cultures, especially when it comes to meeting the local people.

When visiting a new city, Gloria makes a conscious effort to listen to others along her journey and build meaningful connections with these people. She particularly enjoys speaking with women and gaining a deeper understanding of what makes them both similar and unique across different cultures. Socializing with people who come from different walks of lives is an energizing experience for Gloria, making travel a true driving force behind her success as a businesswoman. Although Gloria spends her days mentoring and empowering others, she understands that life is a learning process for everyone, and she is continually looking to learn from others along her voyage of enlightenment.

For Gloria Mayfield Banks, traveling also presents another interesting opportunity to learn about cultural cuisine, regional foods, and healthy ingredients. As a health-conscious person, Gloria understands that what you put into your body is what you get out of it. She takes pride in eating right and learning about the healthy foods and recipes that exist around the globe.



In addition to healthy eating, Gloria Mayfield Banks understands the importance of fitness and living an active lifestyle. With such a demanding schedule, a rigorous fitness regime has become a form of meditation for Gloria. Whether it is lifting weights or just going for a walk, Gloria makes an effort to take a break from her extensive list of professional obligations. This personal time allows her to decompress and come back to her work re-energized.

As Gloria contends, working out provides a number of benefits well beyond just improving one’s health. Her experiences in the world of fitness have had tangible benefits in her professional life as well.

In all aspects of life, circumstances or situations can change, therefore it is important to be able to adapt and change as a person. Working out is a challenge that takes you well beyond your comfort zone. Living an active lifestyle and challenging your body through fitness is valuable preparation for the challenges that you face in your professional life. To succeed in the world of business, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take on new challenges.

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